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The Lapidus Clinic method includes a comprehensive assessment by Dr. Lapidus and a customized care plan. We make highly personalized decisions about your health based on your genetic profile. We not only serve patients in the Avila Beach and San Luis Obispo area, but have clients from around the world who use our personalized concierge medical practice.

To have the best care, you need a doctor who is engaged, in love with their profession and willing to take a genuine interest in your life, health and longevity. You want a doctor who is exceedingly well trained in the art and science of medicine. A doctor who works hard to stay ahead of new technology developments to benefit their patients.  Dr. Yelena Lapidus is exceedingly well-trained in the art and science of medicine. 

Yelena Lapidus MD

"I have dedicated my life to being the best doctor I can be for my patients. You will see it in my experience and all the extensive training I have done to stay at the top of my chosen field. My pledge to my patients is that I will never stop learning new ways to maximize the quality of care I provide."

Yelena Lapidus, MD 

Personalized Medicine Concierge Medical Practice

The Lapidus Clinic concierge membership practice features personalized medicine for every patient to allow precise medication that is choice-guided by your specific needs and based on your genetic profile and pharmacogenetics testing.


For menopause and andropause, thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance in childhood and adolescent years,  infertility treatment and anti-aging. Bio-identical hormones have the exact molecular structure as those made in the human body. In other words, the two are indistinguishable from each other and produce the same physiological responses. Learn more about Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Women's Health & Wellness

Including gynecology, annual well-woman examinations, PAP smears, biopsies, IUD placement and removal, removal of contraception implants. We also offer Empower RF – Empowering Women's Wellness.

Medical Aesthetics

Our skilled medical RN uses advanced techniques including laser and RF treatments, micro needling, injectables and more to reduce and reverse the signs of aging. Learn more about our Med Spa.


Neurofeedback can help the brain regulate itself, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, control pain and promote healing of the brain and the body. 

Gastro-Intestinal Problems

GI problems are frequently linked to immune system disorders and can influence our brain function and our psychological state. We take a personalized approach to chronic indigestion, food allergies and sensitivities, bloating, and dysbiosis.


Management and solutions for poly-pharmacy (more than 3 medications used).

Weight Loss

We offer effective weight loss programs personalized to your specific cause of weight gain, closely guided for your genetic profile. 

Chronic Fatigue

Recovery protocols with nutraceutical use and other treatments.

Adolescent Medicine

Prevention, education, psychologic evaluation, testing for nutritional imbalance leading to metabolic changes such as obesity, hormonal evaluation for polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid disease, acne treatment options other than antibiotics and birth control pills.

The Lapidus Clinic Method

You will receive a comprehensive assessment by Dr. Lapidus to prioritize the development of your personal customized care program.

Your program will ultimately focus on four extensive Anti-Aging/Regenerative visits that will be life changing. These visits will be focused on all factors of your wellness including your cardiovascular, neurologic, immune, gastrointestinal, and endocrine systems. 

Dr. Lapidus’ system emphasizes hormonal balance, nutrition, exercise, nutraceutical therapies, and only prescription drugs when required.

These comprehensive assessments and advanced tests will help Dr. Lapidus develop a total and unique healthcare plan that will provide you the best possible roadmap for living a long and healthy life with a sharp brain, strong immune system and heart, while also maintaining great energy levels. You will be scheduled for follow-up visits as needed to assess the progress on your care regimen as developed and personally managed by the doctor. 

Concierge Program Benefits

  1. 1
    Complete Health Assessment by Dr. Lapidus including annual physical examination and hormone balance check, including the latest high-tech diagnostic and pharmacogenomic testing as needed. Note: Some tests that are not covered by insurance will be voluntary and billed separately to the patient at special negotiated cash pricing.
  2. 2
    Complete cardiovascular system examination.
  3. 3
    Neuro-psychiatric assessment: 19 lead QEEG with emphasis on cognitive health and dementia prevention
  4. 4
    Gastrointestinal/immune system assessment.
  5. 5
    Image support including as needed weight loss and dermatology examination.
  6. 6
    Sustainable addiction recovery and addiction prevention.
  7. 7
    Narcotics free pain management.

  8. 8
    Direct access 24/7/365 to The Lapidus Clinic by cellphone or text for emergency/urgent care.
  9. 9
    Ten percent discount for all aesthetic procedures at The Lapidus Clinic.
  10. 10
    Twenty percent discount on nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals and skin care products.
  11. 11
    Extended visit times as needed, especially for assess- ments and physicals.
  12. 12
    Dedicated office number for Concierge Program Members.
  13. 13
    Enhanced coordination of referrals and specialist visits
  14. 14
    Insurance claim superbill when covered.


"You will not find a friendlier more knowledgeable person to take care of you. Dr Lapidus took me from death's door to being a normal person again. I have major health issues and she is always there for me. Her staff is phenomenal you will not be disappointed in any aspect. She will search until she finds an answer, she is kind and considerate. The best doctor I’ve ever had, not once has she been negative to me or my feelings. Love her."

Rusty, Yelp Review

"Visiting the office of Dr. Yelena Lapidus was both exciting and hopeful! This is an incredible team of professionals who have been hand-selected to provide high quality longevity medical, hormone, and aesthetic and chiropractic care that is second to none. There is no more ideal place the world to be cared for at this level other than Avila Beach, CA and Dr. Yelena Lapidus offers a unique combination of compassionate care backed by the most current information about hormone management, overall health care, and personalized longevity. She and her team of professionals are a gift to our community. Thank you Dr. Lapidus!"

Jayne, Yelp Review

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