Microneedling with PRP in San Luis Obispo and Avila Beach, CA

Microneedling with PRP is a great solution for many of the patients who visit our San Luis Obispo area med spa and are concerned with the effects of aging on the skin.  Studies have shown that micro needling with PRP can accelerate the process of tissue healing and stimulate collagen production,  reducing the appearance of scarring due to acne as well as hyper pigmentation.

PRP, short for platelet-rich plasma, is a treatment that utilizes the patient’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Platelet-rich plasma is the part of our blood that contains platelet-associated growth factors, cytokines, and stem cells.

Microneedling is a safe, natural, holistic alternative for resurfacing of the skin using micro needles without an aggressive machine, to produce optimal results.  The mechanical action of a microneedling pen creates micro channels that triggers the body’s natural healing process to fill these micro wounds by producing new collagen and elastin in the dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed for improved blood supply.

When these two treatments, microneedling and PRP,  are combined, the rejuvenation action that is started by the micro-wounds is dramatically enhanced by the growth factors contained in the PRP. These treatments help to correct skin concerns, such as skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, acne scars, and stretch marks. View Microneedling with PRP Pre and Post-treatment instructions.

When will I see results from microneedling with PRP?

So, when can you see results from microneedling with PRP? Patients are often surprised to learn that the benefits begin almost immediately. As soon as we create the micro-injuries, the natural healing response will begin. While it may take several weeks after microneedling with PRP for you to see visible improvements. Results will depend on your overall skin condition and projected outcome.

As with many other treatments and procedures performed at The Lapidus Med Spa, consistency is important. We recommended that patients have several treatments spaced a few weeks apart to trigger the optimal results. Patients with more severe issues such as acne scarring or a lot of pigmentation, may require additional treatments.

What does microneedling with PRP treat?

PRP can address frustrating or embarrassing concerns, such as wrinkles, sun damage, and even deep acne scars. Target problems include:

  • tired and sagging skin
  • sun-damaged skin
  • anti-aging treatment
  • fine lines
  • smokers’ skin
  • uneven skin texture
  • acne scars
  • surgical scars
  • large pores
  • mature skin
Woman looking in mirror after microneedling with PRP treatment

Microneedling with PRP procedure video

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