Personalized Concierge Medicine for Healthy Longevity

The Lapidus Clinic and Med Spa is a unique, comprehensive concierge medicine practice and leading edge anti-aging med spa for discerning clients in the Avila Beach and San Luis Obispo area. 

Yelena Lapidus MD

Yelena Lapidus MD

At The Lapidus Clinic you will experience a new type of concierge medicine practice tailored to your needs and expectations. Our Med Spa offers advanced treatments  and experienced cosmetic RN services for anti-aging results.

"I have based my life on learning and do not intend to stop. Medicine is ever-evolving and continuously providing us with a better understanding of the human body and mind. We live in an exciting time of fundamental discoveries and new technological and scientific advances in anti-aging. My promise to you is to stay in tune with new research in functional, longevity, and regenerative medicine for your benefit. It is a personal matter for me and my team to get you where you dream to be; healthy, healing, in love with life, and expecting a great future."

Our Unique Concierge Medicine Practice for Healthy Longevity

 The Lapidus Clinic Concierge Medical Practice focuses on wellness, preventative medicine, anti-aging, cancer prevention, and regenerative medicine for healthy longevity. Dr. Lapidus offers to her patients the most precise and personal care using her experience, her extensive educational training and the latest diagnostic technology. 

The Lapidus Clinic Concierge Medicine

OCEAN: The Ultimate Intimate Health Membership Program

OCEAN is an extensive women’s intimate health program that goes beyond the scope of normal and customary care covered by insurance.  When you become a member of OCEAN, you gain access to your personal gynecological and anti-aging specialty intimate health program.

OCEAN women's intimate health program

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If you're interested in a transformative concierge medicine experience in the San Luis Obispo area, reach out for more information. Our Med Spa offers many anti-aging and aesthetics services and products to serve you. 

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