August 5, 2022

Before I get into my message for the month, we have a significant number of new things we are adding at The Lapidus Clinic to keep all of you on the cutting edge of medical technology to benefit your health.

Open House

To hear and see all of these new things and to catch up, join us at our OPEN HOUSE on our new date August 18 at 5 pm. Please bring your friends! There will be door prizes, raffles, presentations on new diagnostic technology and special discounts at the OPEN HOUSE. Educating the community and our children will make a big difference! Please call our front desk at 805-491-9633 to RSVP as space will be limited.

The Lapidus Clinic Mission

I was recently empowered by the work of many talented speakers, healers and teachers. My studies, meetings and travel  allowed me to read and listen more with an open mind and heart, as I was trying to optimize my program for your health, as well as my own. The Universe has been approaching me very consistently over the last several weeks with a strong statement that we can not be truly healthy or healed if we do not trust proposed treatment, medication, food plan or exercise program. We have to LOVE it. Then it will be supercharged with the power of your mind and you WILL succeed. We have to create stronger community and a more cohesive tribe at TLC.

I plan to schedule more educational events and travel together to create wonderful support group for each other. It is one of my most important goals for the upcoming year of TLC. It will be our sixth year of this new clinic with our new way of practicing medicine and 17 years of our team standing strong in Private Practice in support of you our patients. 

It is very hard to find physicians or clinics where you can fully trust in their good intentions, empathy and depth of caring of the whole TEAM. I am blessed to have such a stong team and many leaders in this practice. I am so thankful for such a wonderful support. At TLC ( The Lapidus Clinic) we are working very hard to create that type of environment combined with deep academic knowledge of evidence based medicine, compassion with great vibes. The task is very challenging, but please help us with your suggestions on how we can serve you better!


Now I would like to talk to you about the power of meditation. Good meditation practices are proven to enhance your brain, help your soul, make you more balanced and centered, more at peace and in Love with yourself. When you learn to Love yourself , others will follow your steps respecting and loving you.  Meditation was an obscure practice in the past for most physicians. Now its benefits have been confirmed by science and taught at many major Universities and medical Schools. Some of you may know our local ENT Doctor Malotte, who recently retired from his medical practice. He is a meditation expert and now lectures all over the USA.

Meditating healers were studied with QEEG (same as we offer to all our members as an annual screening for brain health and function). Recordings have shown increases in healthy waves with theta frequencies allowing deep relaxation, feeling at peace, balanced and anxiety free. If practiced at night time, it can improve your sleep and help the brain to detox itself better and allow faster transition to delta calm and grounding waves. It is sometimes the only option we have to control the toxic stress of life. Some providers, who usually are the most successful, have this energy in a room when treating clients or patients. Mine was measured in the a past and I was so excited to learn that I have this ability!

There are many places where you can learn to meditate and many good guided meditations on YouTube videos. I particularly enjoy Jason Stephenson’s tapes or the MindValley tribe courses. I hope I have opened your mind to looking into meditation and am willing to have a discussion about it with anyone who is interested. I can’t wait to hear from anyone in our group who has a personal story about the  power of meditation and how it has changed your life. Ask me about the Sylva Method, it is fascinating work. There is so much to learn!

Healthy Longevity

I was just reading a chapter in Tony Robbins new book Life Force about Dr. Dean Ornish and his pioneering research on heart disease reversal. I cannot agree more with that fascinating  scientist - all aging diseases are different manifestations of the same problem "things like chronic inflammation and oxidative stress." All of the diseases, even genetic ones, can be prevented and reversed by how we eat, respond to stress, how much we exercise and how much love and support we receive from our family, friends, community and work place. It is that simple. You know that the easiest way and cheapest too to lengthen your telomeres (and extend healthy life) is to change to a healthier lifestyle. Research was done by Dr. Ornish in his Preventative Medicine Research Institute and involved Nobel Prize  winning scientist Dr E. Blackburn.  Results were described as "reversing aging at a cellular level" in the Oncology Lancet Journal.  Cellular health is becoming the center of functional medicine.

We all know that our organs and systems consist of cells which can be healthy and functioning or struggling and just in survival mode. We can not take medication which helps one organ and kill cells in another and expect to live long. Medicine, vitamins and supplements should be good for your whole body. You guessed correct, I am talking about the detrimental effect of statins on your brain health. 

In our busy life it is so hard to find time for self care, we have to schedule it and stick with that schedule to save our lives. 

I still recommend the Dr. Steven Gundry Diet - Longevity Paradox, along with time restrictions (or daily intermittent fasting). Add good Cardio 25- 30 min daily, followed by weight lifting or any resistance training and HIIT (high intensity interval training exercise ) every 48 hr. It does not matter if your job is physical- the benefit of additional exercise is in doing it with peace of mind and a purpose to get stronger, healthier and happy- you will love those endorphins.

Sports like golf, basketball, jogging and swimming incorporate many aspects of different exercise modalities and great ways not to get bored doing your physical routine.

TLC is making it easier for you to start, we have our annual retreat you can join at the Vidanta Resort in Mexico or become a part of our new golf team. You can also use equipment we have at the clinic or follow Rita Morris to Pickle ball courts. The best swimming experience is at Avila Bay Athletic Club , you can combine it with sauna and practice hot- cold therapy technique for better health.

We have a lot more practice updates for you - join us for our Open House on our new date August 18 at 5pm to catch up on what is new and please bring your friends. Educating the community and our children will make a big difference!

In good health,

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