November 5, 2021

We continue to provide excellent service to the members of The Lapidus Clinic community. Our HRT and remote Concierge programs are full, and we will only be accepting new patients for full Concierge membership at TLC.

I continued to further my education at events with the World Peptide Society in September and October and brought exciting new testing modalities and cutting-edge products to enhance our Precision Functional Medicine practice: Plasmalogens, Trehalose, Exosomes are new exciting and clinically proven products in our practice in the last 2 weeks. I will be teaching all my patients the benefits of these products in the very near future. 

We were chosen to represent INMODE on the Central Coast and beyond with their new Empower RF product 

We are honored to be named a new Center of Excellence and training for their groundbreaking Women’s Health program. The new Empower RF technology was recently approved by the FDA to treat female stress, urge and mixed type incontinence. It is also effective at improving sexual health. It fits perfectly with my hormonal replacement and overall female health support programs at the Clinic. I am so happy to see patients having benefits from those treatments already just after their first sessions.

Just to remind you: we now have our new Body Contouring Device – Evolve and continue to see great benefits from Morpheus 8 for Microneedling for face and body tightening effect

 I would also like to remind everyone that we have a few more certificates for our upcoming Wellness in Paradise retreat December 4-11. We are going on an 8-day 7-night trip to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, at the beautiful Vidanta Resort for relaxation, beach, golf, tennis, yoga, massages, great cuisine and incredible tropical climate. Space is limited. So if you want to go on vacation with Dr. Lapidus and Gary, call Gary at 1-800-896-8957 as soon as possible.

Yelena Lapidus MD

The Lapdius Clinic and Med Spa
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Get That Fall Feeling...Time for Peeling!

V Carbon System: 
Light peel, no downtime, decrease pore size, hydrate and glow – $100

The Perfect Derma:
Seven days to more perfect skin. 
Moderate peeling to correct hyperpigmentation and improve fine lines – $250.00

See you at the Lapidus Clinic for healthier skin this holiday season!

-- Rita Morris RN

image of Perfect Derma Peel