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The Lapidus Clinic

A Unique Concierge Practice for Improved Health and Longevity

Welcome to my Concierge Practice. To have the best care, you need a doctor who is engaged, in love with their profession and willing to take a genuine interest in your life, health and longevity. You want a doctor who is exceedingly well trained in the art and science of medicine. A doctor who works hard to stay ahead of new technology developments to benefit their patients. I have dedicated my life to being the best doctor I can be for my patients. You will see it in my experience and all the extensive training I have done to stay at the top of my chosen field. My pledge to my patients is that I will never stop learning new ways to maximize the quality of care I provide.


The Lapidus Clinic

What do you get in the Concierge Practice?

When you become a member of The Lapidus Method Concierge practice, you will first receive a comprehensive assessment by Dr. Lapidus to prioritize the development of your personal customized care program. Your program will ultimately focus on four extensive Anti-Aging/Regenerative visits that will be life changing. These visits will be focused on all factors of your wellness including your cardiovascular, neurologic, immune, gastrointestinal, and endocrine systems.

Dr. Lapidus’ system emphasizes hormonal balance, nutrition, exercise, nutraceutical therapies, and only prescription drugs when required.

These comprehensive assessments and advanced tests will help Dr.Lapidus to develop a total and unique healthcare plan that will provide you the best possible roadmap for living a long and healthy life with a sharp brain, strong immune system and heart, while also maintaining great energy levels.


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[column type=”1/2″] “You will not find a friendlier more knowledgeable person to take care of you. Dr Lapidus took me from Death door to being a normal person again. I have major health issues and she is always there for me. Her staff is phenomenal you will not be disappointed in any aspect. She will search until she finds an answer, she is kind and considerate. The best doctor I’ve ever had, not once has she been negative to me or my feelings. Love her” – Rusty, Yelp Review
[/column] [column type=”1/2″]“Visiting the office of Dr. Yelena Lapidus was both exciting and hopeful! This is an incredible team of professionals who have been hand-selected to provide high quality longevity medical, hormone, and aesthetic and chiropractic care that is second to none. There is no more ideal place the world to be cared for at this level other than Avila Beach, CA and Dr. Yelena Lapidus offers a unique combination of compassionate care backed by the most current information about hormone management, overall health care, and personalized longevity. She and her team of professionals are a gift to our community. Thank you Dr. Lapidus!” – Jayne, Yelp Review

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