V-Carbon System


Introducing the V-Carbon System, new skincare technology fresh from Italy to The Lapidus Clinic. This is an amazing skin treatment designed to brighten, exfoliate and firm.

The Power of Carbon and Peptides

The V-Carbon System exfoliates and purifies by
using activated charcoal, black ginger and licorice, combined with modulated acid components ferulic acid, mandelic acid and lactic acid. The activated carbon absorbs oil, impurities, and dead skin cells from deep within pores and pulls toxins to the surface to purify and detox. The mask is gently regulated and removed with the second step, a neutralizer containing rejuvenating micronized
hexapeptides that lifts and brightens.

Your skin is left bright, glowing and clean!

V-Carbon System Benefits:

  • Regenerating and brightening
  • Deep cleaning and exfoliating
  • Lightens dark spots and discoloration
  • Improves texture and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne and scars
  • image of woman with V-Carbon System peel on her face.