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We are proud to announce that Milay Melsheimer RN has joined our team as of March 2017. An experienced aesthetic nurse with true passion for creating a natural and youthful look in her patients. Her goal is always to develop a plan for them to feel happy, healthy and look young. Milay started her career at LA County USC as a Surgical ICU Nurse where empathy, a will to learn and a take charge attitude were of utmost importance for her patients and the doctors who relied on her impeccable skills and great knowledge in the art of nursing.

Milay’s love for creativity and constant persistence to learn new skills, lead her into the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine world in 2007. Since then she has diligently worked on a plan to reach the pinnacle of knowledge, certifications and experience to be an outstanding provider of all applicable therapies required to be a leader in the field. To review the impressive and complete listing of the key areas where she is a certified practitioner with extensive experience.

Growing in her skill and expertise, Milay worked alongside several experienced experts in Aesthetic Medicine. She was a valuable team member of American Laser Skin Care in Pismo Beach as well as a Private Aesthetic Practice in Morro Bay. The “Personalized Medicine and Longevity” approach became of interest to Milay in late 2016. At that time, she realized how important it is to keep body and mind in balance. She realized that her next career step should be an environment where she could continue to grow in all aspects of her professional life. By collaborating with Dr. Lapidus, a Personalized Medicine Physician with a Longevity and Aesthetic Clinic, she has the opportunity to help build this preeminent model for Personal Medicine and Longevity Center’s in the U.S. This center can now treat patients from all over the country as well as selected international patients as well.

When you come to see Milay at Dr. Lapidus Personal Medicine and Longevity Center you can expect a very personable and comprehensive consultation, warm care, and a professional care plan customized to fit your specific needs and requirements.

“Milay has taken years off my face and has given me back the confidence that I had lost. She makes you feel comfortable right away. It’s obvious she loves her job and truly cares for her clients and the satisfaction of her results” – anonymous

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