Diane Hart, RNdivider4

Meet Diane Hart, our Cosmetic Registered Nurse. Diane has spent her years in healthcare as an RN in surgery, and specifically in plastic surgery. She has 45 years of experience under her belt, including 18 years in operating rooms, many as an assistant to a plastic surgeon including 15 years counseling women with breast implants. Her patients looked to her for counseling after their surgeries and was coined the nickname of “ask Diane”.
Diane has lived on the Central Coast for 32 years and has been working alongside Dr. Lapidus since 2015 as a cosmetic nurse. She loves her work and her patients. Patients love her quiet and soothing voice, the way she makes you feel relaxed, how she takes her time. She has a gentle touch with fillers and needling. We are confident in her ability to bring vitality and glow to your skin as well as making you feel at home here in our Longevity Center.
“Many people are not ready to have surgery or will not ever be ready. These techniques benefit that demographic and help them achieve a youthful and rejuvenated look without the surgery and recovery. These non-invasive techniques have become a preference in healthy beauty regimes along with other personalized anti-aging treatments and supplements. I want my patients to know that they can be full of vitality, be confident and feel fabulous about how they look at any age!” – D. Hart