Chiropractic care provided by Dr. Brent Trockman, DC

    • Upper Cervical Chiropractic
    • Correction of Atlas Subluxation
    • Full Spine and Extremity Adjusting
    • ASsistance in Accident and Injury Recovery
    • Digital XRAY Analysis

Due to the necessity of precise imaging for diagnosing certain chiropractic conditions, we have our own digital upper cervical and general x-rays on premise. Upper Cervical Chiropractors use very specific and gentle approaches and procedures to correct displacements in the atlas with respect to the skull. These procedures rely on precise measurements and special imaging.

After measurements are made, a corrective formula is calculated for each individual patient, as no two are exactly alike.

The procedures are gentle and safe. Dr. Trockman is the only NUCCA trained Chiropractor on the Central Coast and has been practicing the correction of the Atlas for 30 years.

Full spine technique is also available, along with many different soft tissue modalities.

This type of Chiropractic care is useful for much more than just back and neck pain. Other common conditions treated include: headache, TMJ pain, certain types of seizures, hypertension and allergy problems.